At the heart of current affairs is the personal story of those people whose lives are affected.  A good story not only informs but takes the viewer on a journey of discovery and by that process they bear witness.


SBS Dateline

"Mumbai Makeover"


SBS Dateline commissioned our report on the Dharavi slum tours in Mumbai. 

This slum, which arose during British colonial times and is currently considered one of the largest slums in the world, is a hive of commercial activity where people make their living despite the dire poverty and conditions contained within it. The government planned to redevelop the area, but most of the residents were resistant. 

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CNN iReport

"Clearing Cluster Bombs On the Ho Chi Minh Trail"


In November 2010, we and presenter Samantha Bolton were commissioned by the Cluster Munition Coalition, a large international NGO, to make a program that highlighted the very significant risks of unexploded ordnance that still lie active in Laos.  

“To shoot this video, de-mining professionals walked us through forests infested with cluster bombs, where we saw how children playing and farmers ploughing still risk being blown up long after the Vietnam War ended,” Bolton said.

On March 15, 2011, CNN announced that our report, out of 30 nominees across six categories, won the first-ever CNN iReport Community Choice Award, an honour voted upon by CNN iReport viewers. “Getting the most votes to win the CNN iReport award shows just how many people and organisations care about eradicating cluster bombs in affected countries like Laos," Bolton said, "and how good they are at mobilising. Great work everyone!”

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Al Jazeera

"Thailand Uses Military Hardware to Generate Marine Life"


For this report, we traveled with Aela Callan to Narathiwat in southern Thailand to watch the government dump 25 abandoned army tanks, 273 old train carriages and 198 rubbish trucks into sea, both to get rid of bulky waste and to foster marine life by creating a new set of reefs.

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Al Jazeera

"Thailand's Female Rangers"


In southern Thailand, a region filled with tension along the Thai-Myanmar border, the government is looking to recruit more women to join their armed ranks. Two hundred female rangers have been recruited and aside from undergoing military training, they also make goodwill and security trips into villages and towns. As Aela Callan reports, women soldiers seem to have a way to bridge cultural gaps and quell fears, making them a peace-keeping force as well as a military one.

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Al Jazeera

"Migrants Risk All for Thai Rubber Harvest"


Staying in southern Thailand, where most of the rubber in Thailand is produced, we travelled to Surat Thani to meet migrants from Myanmar working in Thai rubber plantations in order to make a better living. However, with ongoing unease between the two countries, many of these migrant workers fear they will be caught in the crossfire.

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Al Jazeera

"Myanmar's KNLA Resists Becoming a Border Guard Force"


In one of many reports we worked on with Aela Callan, we looked at how the Karen National Liberation Army, a group of 6,000 rebels who have been fighting for autonomy for 60 years, had been given a deadline to become a border patrol force and were resisting efforts to do that.

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