Clear, effective and on-point — those principles inform our work on behalf of companies, non-profits and individuals. 

To show how we can help achieve your campaign's goals, please see our highlight reel below, followed by case studies with four diverse clients —  a company looking for an ad to promote its services to professional clients, a school looking for a presentation that will attract the best students, a company looking for an internal video to service its employees, and a company looking for an ad to promote its services to the world. The case study videos were conceived, scripted, directed, shot and edited by Jon and Pru.

Business Communications Overview

A highlight reel showcasing CoJo's range in covering business communications 

Open Shutters

A window into a company dedicated to quality and versatility

THE BRIEF: Open Shutters needed a sales video directed at professional clients, such as architects and project managers, to show how their products are diverse enough for domestic and commercial use.

THE COJO SOLUTION: After spending time getting to know the people behind Open Shutters, we learned that their commitment to customisation, sustainability, and perfection was company-wide. We decided to show how the shutters were made, not just the finished projects, to highlight that care in craftsmanship. The story was told succinctly and simply via interviews from key company personnel and testimonials from clients along with beautifully lit visuals that capture the utility and art of the shutters.

THE RESULT: A video that calls attention to the detail and uniqueness of Open Shutters and their hand-crafted work, which could be designed to suit almost any application.

The College of Law

A strong narrative arc attracts the best students

THE BRIEF: The College of Law, the largest professional school for legal training in Australia and New Zealand, wanted a piece between 90 to 120 seconds in length and without dialogue or narration that could convey as much information about the College and its quality, flexible learning environment as possible.

THE COJO SOLUTION: Storytelling is at the heart of a good film and this was no exception. We chose to show the journey of two law graduates making their way through the College and onto successful careers. Each image was designed and shot in the simplest and most effective way and this, coupled with selective use of graphics and an inspirational soundtrack, completed the picture.

THE RESULT: A presentation that will be used for marketing and recruiting at conferences and seminars and one which conveyed a strong and emotive message about The College of Law.

Leighton India Contractors 

A commemoration and a service announcement, all in one

THE BRIEF: Leighton India, part of Australia's Leighton Holdings Group, wanted to celebrate. The contractor, which operates in sectors such as mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and buildings, had achieved three million hours of operation without its employees suffering life-threating injuries. Along with marking that milestone, the company also wanted to reinforce the compulsory use of personal protective equipment, or PPE, among their workers.

THE COJO SOLUTION: While a celebration should be joyous, safety is serious business. Fusing those disparate tones could be a challenge, so we elected to take a light-hearted approach to this video, one that would celebrate the company's safety record whilst reinforcing the safety message. We would show off how Leighton achieved its record with a "roving reporter" who would talk to workers while they demonstrated how they used their PPE. We chose as the "roving reporter" a young engineer who was known and liked by both management and workers, and in getting to know our video's star over the course of our filming, we discovered his love of Bollywood dance and music, so we incorporated that passion into the video, too.

THE RESULT: We got Leighton India's message across in a friendly and inclusive way. The video was a huge success and was later shown at Leighton Holdings meetings and functions not just in India but around the world. 

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok

A video that promotes a sense of place as well as a property

THE BRIEF: The Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok wanted a video that would not just show off the features of the hotel itself but would encourage its predominantly business clientele to explore the city and, perhaps, extend their stay. 

THE COJO SOLUTION: Thailand promotes itself as the "Land of Smiles," and in keeping with this theme, our video emphasized the people and environs of Bangkok throughout while also showing off the hotel's well-appointed rooms, dining facilities and spa offerings. We provided visual reasons why the hotel was an integral part of a terrific stay in Bangkok but also how the hotel was a gateway to even more experiences. We were able to showcase the city whilst keeping the Four Seasons Hotel brand at the centre.

THE RESULT: A look at the property that highlights its services and beautiful grounds while also showing how, by virtue of its being situated in Bangkok, it is unique among the 92 hotels in the Four Seasons global chain.


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